August 12, 2019

Growing Lettuce on Windowsill

Grow lettuce on a windowsill for convenience and fresh lettuce.


...grows fast
...doesn't like heat; summer a good time to grow inside
...harvest outside leaves, should regrow from center

From seed:

...wide shallow containers work well a lot of water

From cut end of head  (doesn't always work or it begins to grow and dies or bolts, but most of the time it does; keep trying):

...cut off bottom of head (Romaine works best)
...shallow container with about 1/2" of water to cover root end
...change water every couple of days
...should see growth in about 3 days
...grows 1/3 to 1/2 head to harvest when on the young side -- will get tough if left too long
...10 to 12 days is about all it will grow before it begins to become bitter
...plant in dirt and you keep it going like in the garden