January 18, 2016

Ordering My First Square Foot Garden Frame

I am by nature a very frugal person, but I am choosing to splurge while beginning my Square Foot Gardening journey.  I have $250 in gift money that I have been hanging onto for a while.  I just have trouble spending it.  $150 of it was given to me specifically to "spend on a whim."  That was a few years ago--it is still in the envelope waiting for a whim.  Well, my Square Foot Garden is going to be my whim.

I am splurging on ordering my first Square Foot Garden frame directly from Square Foot Gardening.  I am choosing the 4' x 8' x 6" frame.  I wish it was a little deeper, but most things I have read say 6" is deep enough, so I will give it a try.  I thought it would look nice, too, along our white railing in the spot I chose for my first garden.

With my birthday just around the corner I will be asking for "dirt" to fill my garden!  So tho I am not looking to do this first garden economically, I will also not be spending any budget money on it -- it will all be gifts.  It still makes me nervous to splurge.

Editing to add:  I changed my mind.  After further research, checking my garden location and discussions with my family I decided on ordering three 4 x 4 frames.  Shipping was the least expensive per garden this way (over 2, 4 or 5--I checked them all to see how much a difference quantity made on the shipping costs). With shipping to my part of the country they came to $94 each.

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